Websites created for previous employers

The Fileshare website was created to market a new product to potential clients. I conceptualised, designed and implemented the website in W3 standards compliant XHTMl and CSS.

The companion website to a SOFA gallery exhibit at Indiana University. This was one of many projects I worked on at Indiana university, where I was a member of the web team that worked on the main university website. The East Asian Studies Department hired me to design and execute this project.

This design prototype for Campus Alive at Indiana University was targeted at students needing to learn about life at I.U. I created this while working on the web team at Indiana University.

A Flash game, ‘Tweak the Pome’ that allows the user to re-arrange the lines in a poem by Jack Kerouac: hence, an interactive prosody play. is my previous website, designed in flash. Most of the previous links are disabled and the site is no more active; this is provided here just as a portoflio piece.

A sample of a Flash training module I worked on for a pharmaceutical client.

A sample of a Flash banner advertisement.