Keyword : Iterative and user-focused. Strong interfaces should be forgiving (should the user make a wrong selection) and easily learned.

As senior interactive Designer at Thomson and Thomson's SAEGIS, a trademark search portal, I designed the first design prototype for the launch of the Electronic Watch. An image of its current version is available here for your reference.

I was a member of the interface design & development team for the Knownspace project. This was an endeavour to build a free, portable and open source data management system in Java. The design solutions below were created during this seminar.

The linkage page is an information resource for members of the Knownspace Group, consisting of hundreds of links. Our challenge was to categorize and present this information in an efficient and elegant manner.

The task was to design a search engine that was dynamic (revealing results as they are found); visual/spatial ( results are not listed but are displayed in the context of the area being searched) and intelligent (results are revealed in order of importance).

I worked on MUSE ware,a Museum Learning Toolwith the Mathers Museum, Bloomington, Indiana. The WILDware Outdoor Learning Tool was a handheld device used by a park visitor to access customized information and tools about where they are and items in the environment. We conducted onsite preliminary usability testing on the WILD-1 Learning Tool.